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That sounds like a good idea. I have several BB's myself, one which is a 'traveling bb' as I call it. It's gone with me to Aruba, St. Thomas, Curacao, France, England and St. Thomas. It should have stamps like my passport, wouldn't that be cool!

I have a special affinity for AA literature, prefer it over OA's. When I started in OA our only literature was the 'For Today' and 'Lifeline Sampler', and pamphlets. Most times I feel OA's literature doesn't get the gravity of the disease. But I'm an addict and don't handle change well, OA's own literature was a big change.

Don't get me wrong, I have a full set of OA literature, it's just not my 'go to' for direction.

Glad to know your meeting improved this week, the new meeting format is nice.

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