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Down in Sunny San Diego

I soo relate to the issue of changing up your plan of eating. I resisted for a long time until one day, due to fear of an insulin needle poking my body, I got a new willingness to go to a deeper level. Now my food is squeeky clean and it feels so freeing.


It's great to hear your shares about your struggles. I know that sharing about mine gives me clarity, and I hope you are getting some clarity too. The fact that your posting about it shows you have at least some willingness...and that's all it takes. At least I hope that's all it takes...coz i'm not super-willing when it comes to anything to do with recovery. I still resent God for making me do stuff to recover. It doesn't seem fair that I can't eat what I want, do what I want and be what I want and get away with it. If God's such a big shot why can't he just order the universe so that the consequences of my actions are different.

There were lots of things I wasn't willing to do...I'm still not willing to do. When I frst started in OA I wasn't willing to go to Face to Face meetings...to mcuh trouble...now I go rain hail or shine, I have a service position, and I went to an intergroup retreat. When I first started I wasn't willing to give up my binge foods and commit my foods. Today I commit my food every day, knowing that if I don't I won't be absintent. (Ok well almsot every day) and I've given up sugar, white flour, bread, ice cream and chocolate.

I just kept working the program. Doing what I could...using the tools just a little bit more as I became willing...eventually the willingness comes I think

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