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Sober Chick

Wow 99, that is terrific! You have every right to be excited. What a gift.

I enjoy reading about your healthy outlook about your accomplishments thus far. It is great that you recognize and embrace them without ego getting in the way. It appears that you are remaining open to growth, how wonderful is that!


Thanks SC! It's great to have you back.


Hey you! Just caught up with this now (sorry it's been so long)... I got thrown for a loop when I took a suggestion by my new sponsor to attend an AlAnon meeting... similar depression relapse type stuff going on here.. but crawling out of it now....I am grateful to know about your recovery because I know "it works if you work it"...

April M.

That is amazing! I've been on my own OA journey for 17 months now and let me just say that the promises DO come true. As long as you use your plan of eating, go to meetings, pick up the phone, and work the steps, you will have physical recovery. Thanks for your blog. I'm so glad we're doing this together.


Well I'm a lost soul looking for inspiration. Thank you for your blog. About 6 years ago, I was an OA 30 day wonder (kept my abstinence until day 45 when my doctor said my 20 pounds wasn't good enough) and kept going a year after for support. But then left the rooms after I moved. I haven't gone since and I dread all the work and a sponsor I have to keep in touch with. But I can't do it alone. Wish I could make up my mind. Thanks for inspiring me to make up my mind!

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