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This comment was emailed to me from Dawn. She couldn't comment. I hope that isn't a problem for other people too.

From Dawn:
Great Share (((Kelly)))
Your share has me reflecting on my own body image. At this point I am getting in touch with my body every day. I don't feel like the smallest, but what is great is I don't feel like the biggest for the first time in as long as I can remember. Clothing fits better and I actually enjoy getting dressed. Before I only got dressed when I absolutely had to leave the house and got back into my "house" clothes immediately upon entering my home. Now I look for reasons to go out to get dressed and I am not so rushed to derobe. Mirror imagery is becoming less and less like the enemy and what is beginning to stand out most to me is a new light in my eyes and a relaxed jawline. I am so greatful for my progressive recovery, but more importantly is the unfamiliar peace of mind and consistent contentment I am feeling these days.
Keep on Keepin' on. One day at a time.
PS: This blog is great and I have been poking around the ones you have listed. What a exciting world this is when in recovery.
Love, Peace & Friendship,

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