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I love the Tarzan analogy. It really does seem to work that way. Congratulations on your physical recovery. I am trying to establish my abstinence. I have been going to f2f meetings since December but have not totally put the food down yet. I know that is what I need to do. Thanks for your inspiration.


You are doing great, very inspiring. For me, I don't like to focus on specific weight/poundage as much as how I feel and how my eating is going. I only weigh myself once a month to help minimize this. It all depends on your disease and how it works, I guess.


Thanks butterflygirl! It took me a long time to surrender my food, it's an ongoing process. Keep going to meetings and you'll get there.

Gwen, I don't like to focus on the number either, and I do only weigh once a month (more accurately, once a cycle). Some day I hope to get to a point where I don't have to weigh at all, but I can still delude myself very easily about my progress or lack of it. Thanks for commenting.

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