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It was good for me that you put about your group finally growing. Ours has done the same thing! Did you do anything different to draw in people? We are trying to come up with ways to keep them coming back. Any ideas?

Thanks for sharing!


I really talked about the Thursday meeting at my other two meetings in the area. I also called a few people I thought would connect with the speaker.

I heard a speaker share at a meeting that in order for a newcomer to keep coming back they need to hear hope and see recovery in the people there. That makes a lot of sense to me. What I remember about my first meeting was hearing my story and the fellowship. Would I have kept showing up if I identified but didn't see anything I wanted for myself?

I know I'm lucky. There is a lot of recovery in my meetings. I hear awful stories about sick meetings. It's funny, we've talked about taking out ads and putting up the OA signs, but until we have a strong base of sponsors who show up I hesitate to move forward on that. I feel odd when I'm the person with the longer time in the rooms and the only sponsor. I'm such a newbie. It was awesome to go and here people with 7 and 19 years of abstinence. Kind of a chicken and egg thing.

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