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Sober Chick

Hi there,

I once heard in an AA meeting a man who has 17 years of sobriety saying he has, on occasion an alcoholic dream. However that core obsession not to drink has been lifted.

You have a wonderful blog here. Giving up sugar, what a courageous step to begin the gift of abstinence. I have not read your other posts but plan to and am gonna link you up 2 my blog.

Sept, the time u gave up sugar, I am curious what you did. Pray? Surrender?

Keep it up, and thank you for sharing your experience.


Thanks Sober Chick!

It's nice to know I'm not the only one to have relapse nightmares. That's one thing you can always count on in the 12 steps, there is always someone who has experience the exact thing. It helps not to be alone.

As for September 19, all I remember is making a decision that I would not eat sugar that day and see what happened. I had been playing around with abstinence since February 2005. I would have a few weeks sticking to whatever food plan I was trying and then would plunge into a binge. I was 100% on or off at that point. I'll have to look at what I posted on my other blog CB and see what I wrote at that time.

I think I finally surrendered sugar in September. I spent much of the summer being angry at my disease and my sugar addiction. I recall a new lightness of spirit that day. Now I recognise it as surrendering my will. It was so new then, and I was stuck on step one still.

Thanks for the blog link. I'll come over and read your blog too. I can't get enough recovery blogs.

Thanks again,


Every once in a while I have bingeing dreams. I haven't in a while, but I usually wake up feeling guilty and relieved that it was just a dream. I wonder why we dream stuff like that?

Anyway, it's so awesome that you've changed and taken charge of your life. Reading your blog is inspiring me and giving me hope that I can do it too : )

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