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We are so similar. I have trouble talking about (because I feel like I am whining) my family of origin stuff.

I also know (very well) the angry, moody mind. In December '05 I told a Rabbi in my Synogogue to "go to hell". I later (that week) called him and appologized for my rude and hurtful words. It was exceedingly hard, but felt good when it was done.

Today was mother's day, and I purposefully did not call my mother. And I'm okay with that. She never did the things that earn a mother the right to be lauded for their work and loved by her children. So today she's not getting a call from me. Perhaps in the future I may become a person (I want to be) who can love his mother regardless of her neglect and abandonment. But not today. And like I said, I'm okay with that.


Thanks Mike! I apologized to my co-worker today. It felt good to say I'm sorry. She was very gracious about it. I didn't need to say I'm sorry, but she was glad I did. I owned it, dumped it, and now I will forget it.

I too want to be the type of person to love unconditionally. I haven't talked with my dad since I took my fifth step. I'm not sure he has noticed. I wish I could hash this out with my mom. If she hadn't died I think we could have built a healthy relationship. That makes me sad.

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