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I need to bust 3 of your myths:
1) writers who blog a lot are procrastinating and not working on their books.
2)You won't have a novel at the end of NaNoWriMo - You'll have a pile of nonsense that needs to be sifted through and heavily revised.
3)I have YET to find a critique group that works. Critiquing is a skill that many writers do not possess.

Still, give it a go!


It is tempting to try it this year. But in addition to my usual lunatic tendencies, my work will be especially busy from November 9 to December 11. I’m not sure I’m disciplined enough to resist writing at work. On the other hand, if I’m super busy at work, I’d be too busy to write at work, theoretically.

Your points are valid, yet I want to dispute them, (I know several writers who…) but I get your points. I know the NaNoWriMo winners create a novella length document that may or may not be reworked into something resembling a novel. If the expectations were any higher than that I’d never have contemplated it. Forget plot, I get a brain cramp if I wonder about narration point-of-view.

I’m sorry to hear that about critique groups. I know you’ve tried several. Critiquing was a big part of school for me and it’s a part of the creative process I miss.

Maybe I need to come up with my own special month. How about: Daily Arts and Crafts Exploration Month. (DaArCrExMo), Daily Creativity Month (DaCreMo), Creativity Every Day Month (CreEvDaMo) or maybe Dodi’s Daily Art Month (DoDaArMo). Doing a drawing or something everyday has been a consistent FAIL for me since college. When I was drawing in my journal or painting every day the energy fed on itself. I have a couple sketch journals from the last couple years that have a few "daily drawings" and the remaining pages are abandoned blanks. I wouldn’t want to limit myself to just daily sketches or paintings though. I have several photography and craft projects I’ve had on my to-do list for too long.

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