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If you use it, then it's worth the $$.

You can make some gorgeous stuff sewing your own tops. I like to make my own curtains and pillows, but don't need a serger for that! I LOOOVE choosing my own fabric - so much more selection than being limited by pre-made stuff.



I definitely enjoy picking out fabric and patterns more than the prep to get to the actual sewing part. Ironing is too sweaty and cutting the fabric is too stressful.

I started reading the instruction manual for the serger last night. I totally see why some people never take it out of the box. Scary. Hopefully the CD-ROMs will make it clearer. I have to use my work laptop because they are Windows only. (Specifically Windows 95, yikes!)

I'll try to actually sew something with it this weekend. Must put aside my perfectionism or I'm doomed.

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