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I never understood how people can be so anti-abortion and have no problem with fertility treatments. Fertility treatments often involve purposely fertilizing as many eggs as possible, knowing that not all of the embryos will make it. How is this acceptable while abortion isn't?


Here is a comment from Dawn. She had trouble posting. I'll check into it:

I am united with you on a woman's right to choose. This was actually mentioned at a meeting 2 weeks ago that I attended & besides being disturbed by the intrusion of an outside concern, I was distracted by the desire to voice my own opinion. I did not however, because I just started attending this meeting, but when I left me and the person I had gone with discussed it we had a difference of opinion. The beauty of it was that we were both able to voice our opinions and concerns, but still enjoy the rest of our time together. The bottomline is that we can agree to diagree without it effecting our relationship.
Keep on keepin' on ((Kelly)).
I so enjoy your blogs.


Agreed. Same question can be asked with "stem cell research" replacing "abortion."

I can understand why pro-lifers feel the way they do, especially now that I have a baby, but I can't tolerate them trying to outlaw the choice.


My agreement was with distracted's post (Dodi posted while I was typing,) but I agree with Dawn too.


I never thought of fertility treatments. I get hung up on high officials in churches making claims like the one in the news last week, that US companies were making condoms containing HIV to kill Africans. That is simply evil. http://www.boingboing.net/2007/10/01/archibishop-of-mozam.html

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