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I have a spare flashlight, jumper cables 2-4 grocery bags, gum, tissue, various charger cables for various electronic devices and I think that's it. In winter I will add a scraper and blanket.

For Halloween, I will dress comfortably and curl up to watch The Shining.

Congrats on the 93 lbs!


oooo....I want to ride in "Grace" (At least I think that's what you told me her name would be, but I may have it confused with my friend's new ride.)
As you know "I" don't own a vehicle, but G's car has a flashlight in it. Should I be worried? I will have to ask if the other emergency items should be there as well. Anyway, I would defininetly keep my OA books in the trunk and at this point I would probably need a full size trunk to store them.
Halloween... If I attend my cousin's annual Halloween party, (I have a BB Study online that I lead on the 3rd Sat. of month and that is when she is holding the party.) I will probably be a pirate as well. I have a costume from a few years ago, so I will have to probably bring it in to have it altered, but that's a good feeling. I have a parrot, sword, velvet pouch and eyepatch to accesorize.
Woohoo 17 more days until the trip. I am so pysched. Talk to you soon. Be well and have a pleasant 24!!!


Thanks guys!

Yes, her name is Grace. I'm getting impatient again.

I have a sword, but I'm don't want to hold it all the time, I ought to have some sort of scabbard, but not sure how to do it. Maybe just an over-th-shoulder strap? Maybe, like my witch broomstick, it will have to stay at home.

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