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Man, that sucks.

I'll withhold any further comment, as I know that it's one thing to say stuff about members of your family and another for people outside of your family to say similar things about members of your family.

I'm sure there was a more succinct way of saying that. heh.

Hope you have a good Christmas anyway!


Hmmm, I'll give your sis the benefit of the doubt here and say it's just stress talking, and that she didn't mean to be hurtful. Congrats on taking the high road - you did the right thing. My suggestion for next year is to take a trip somewhere fun - do a bicycle tour or go somewhere sunny and warm. Get out of your usual surroundings and take advantage of your single status! Couples with kids can't just pick up and go, but you can - do it!


Thanks guys! Karen, I'm not sure I'm ready to abandon all traditions. I'm by far the sentimental one in the family. Luckily I don't have to figure that out for at least eleven months.

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