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I love The Secret History. Linda and I read it in college. I just re-read it last year. Ms. Tartt waited ten years for book #2 which I heard isn't very good.

Does anybody know if there is a way I can put my I-Tunes onto my non-i-pod mp3 player?


I suspect that the iPod - iTunes relationship is pretty much exclusive, but if you got a different software (I would imagine there's something free out there) and put your mp3 files in that, you'd be good to go. I'm pretty sure you can have the same mp3 files being used by more than one mp3 program (maybe even simultaneously - that would be interesting)


Sorry it took so long to reply Scotty. I wanted to research the current state of things iTune. Two years ago I bought a non-apple mp3 player, the specs said it was "iTunes compatable" so I spent forever trying to load up the tunes I had purchased. I could load the mp3s I had ripped from my CDs, but not the mp4 format songs.

So it depends on your source and what format you selected in preferences. As Trackrick pointed out, there is bound to be freeware out there to switch the format of files. If I come across anything I'll let you know.


Thanks for the info. I can do it if I rip a cd of my i-tunes then rip that cd to my mp3 player. I'm way too lazy so I was hoping to lose a step. Thank again.

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