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You and I are of one mind on this topic, my friend.

We have a big storm moving in on us even as I write this (12:15, Thursday). The boss, who didn't bother to come in at all, just called to let us know we can leave.

It's getting pretty hairy, and I have a 60 mile commute on I-70 with all the maniacs ahead of me.

But it can wait a while, because one of the guys bought the rest of us pizza and just brought it in. Free pizza is worth driving through an extra half-inch of snow.


Well, the big storm never came and I felt like a bit of an ass for postponing. It turned out okay because I made a long delayed trip to the grocery store and can now be house-bound by future storms without having to eat condiments to keep up my strength. (Who am I kidding, pizza is just a phone call away.)

Still, better safe than sorry right?

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