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don't like to borrow
librarian tho' i am
my books are a mess


I just looked at the rules again, and noticed that I don't have to write about specific books. Open the floodgates!

Christmas around here
is usually very cold.
Weather-wise, that is.

OK that one wasn't so good...

Blinking lights on tree.
Ornaments from Ikea.
All nice and pretty.

That's it for now.

Kari Bracey

Oh my, what to do
Christmas in less than a week
So much knitting left!

Ouch! Hands are cramping
Hands are permanant claws
Hard to open presents

A mom with free time?
No clue on new stuff to read.
Great friend to rescue!

All I have for right now, now back to making Christmas cards and blankets. Hopefully my friends and family won't mind getting cards after Christmas!


Yeah! More entries! While not on the contest post itself, haikus gladly accepted.

Don't you find the format wonderfully addictive?

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