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One hundred things about me
Here is more than you've ever wanted to know about me. I enjoy reading these about people. I spent way to much time and energy on it.

1. I was born in St. Charles, Illinois.
2. I have a Kerry/Edwards bumper sticker on my car. No I don’t plan to remove it.
3. My Christmas tree is still up and decorated on September 7, 2005. (It's down now)
4. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting.
5. I was a weaver’s apprentice for a summer; it was mostly measuring yarn and tying knots.
6. The tip of my left pinkie finger was cut off when I was two, so I only have nine fingernails.
7. I have two tattoos.
8. I can’t stand to watch thrillers, but I like to know the plots.
9. I own all seven seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on DVD.
10. I’ve had a motorcycle license since I got my scooter in college. (Honda Elite 150cc)
11. As a kid I took lessons in piano, guitar, cello and voice. I never practiced.
12. I have one sister. I am 2 ½ years older than Esmeralda, but everyone thinks she is older.
13. My mother, died from breast cancer on May 1, 2002. She was 60-years-old.
14. The first thing I ever learned to drive was my grandpa’s ancient Allis-Chalmers tractor. I think it had 14 gears.
15. My favorite amusement park ride is the tilt-a-whirl. My second favorite is the swings.
16. I don’t like roller coasters. I think I would like the upside-down parts, but I can’t stand the drops.
17. I never knew my middle name was after my mom until she died and I read it in my baby book (Mary to Marie, okay I guess that kind of works). I added my middle initial to my signature after I found out.
18. I play No Limit Texas Hold’em just about every Friday night with friends and family.
19. I think I’ve lost more money in the long run than I’ve won. Poker is like golf; even one good hand will keep you coming back for more.
20. My brother-in-law, TheVise, started calling me Dodi when Princess Diana was killed with Dodi Al-Fayed. While odd, I welcomed this new name because prior to this he was cycling through nicknames from Goodfellas (i.e. Jelly, Two-Times Charlie).
21. I’m more of a re-heater than a cook. I do like to grill, but only for myself.
22. I don’t like to pick out music for others to listen to.
23. My friends are generally more knowledgeable and intense about music than I am.
24. I hate to go to the doctor unless I have to. Almost everything is a virus that they can’t do anything about anyway.
25. I tend to have rotten relationships with my general physicians’ office staff. Whichever doctor I go to, the staff is snippy and treats me rudely. I try to put the blame on myself, but I have a great relationship with my dentist’s staff and other specialists I’ve seen. Seems localized on GP staff.
26. I love my iPod beyond reason.
27. I also love my iPod accessories. (Especially my iTrip and ACME wallet)
28. I doubt I’ll ever have children.
29. I’ve been to Mexico three times. This is the only foreign country I’ve ever visited.
30. My first priority in foreign travel is Italy, followed by Australia, France and New Zealand.
31. I collect smashed pennies. I’m trying to get one from each state.
32. I love daisies, even wilted and dead ones.
33. I’m sentimental about most everything.
34. I love camping but hardly ever do it.
35. I think I ought to like poetry, but I generally don’t.
36. I goggled other people’s ‘100 things’ lists in order to come up ideas for items on this list.
37. Diet Coke is good. Diet Pepsi is gross. These are facts.
38. For several years I rejected the concept of time and would not wear a watch. But I usually knew what time it was anyway.
39. I do not like mustard, olives, seafood or fish.
40. I cut egg rolls in half, pull out the stuffing and pick out the shrimp. Sometimes I restuff them, other times I just eat the filling.
41. I do not like mushrooms. Fungi in general give me the willies.
42. I used to hate green peppers, but I am developing a taste for them.
43. I like just cheese or cheese and spinach on pizza.
44. I am nearsighted. I first got glasses in eighth grade. I remember being fascinated that I could see individual leaves on the trees as we drove home.
45. I’ve worn contacts consistently since January 9 my sophomore year in high school. Yes, it was that important to me.
46. I played softball for years in the local ponytail league. I was an average player but I really liked playing. I usually played catcher, until I suddenly started to fear the ball in high school.
47. I’ve never been a fast runner. My dad said it was because I have his flat feet.
48. When I walk through a puddle bare foot my footprints are of my whole foot, I have no arch.
49. I liked to play soccer, but my allergies made it tough for me to participate because the seasons were always spring and fall. I played full back on an winter indoor soccer team for a few years. It was my lack of social skills/confidence that stopped my participation.
50. I have no patience for watching sports on television. Even poker gets boring to me.
51. I rarely watch the Olympics. The figure skating and gymnastics events stress me out; I hate to see the competitors fall.
52. I’ve never spent more than $2000 for a vehicle. The only new vehicle I’ve ever owned was a scooter.
53. For many years my parents had an above-ground 24 foot diameter pool. It was supposed to be 6 feet deep, but my parents got tired of digging. There were huge wrinkles in the liner which made it challenging to vacuum. This was usually my job.
54. In spite of the fact that I do not cook, I often find myself watching cooking shows on PBS.
55. I don’t have cable television.
56. When cable first came to my neighborhood my parents got it installed, but they had to cancel it because I couldn’t turn it off.
57. My parents used to put a padlock on the plug of the TV to keep me from watching it. But I had my own key.
58. I have insomnia. Without medication it takes me at least an hour to fall asleep.
59. Because it takes me forever to fall asleep, napping in not a regular part of my life.
60. When I come home from work the first thing I do is take off my work pants and put on sweats or pajama bottoms, kind of like Mr. Rogers.
61. I haven’t quite let go of my dream to be in a band someday.
62. I also want to have my name in the credits of a major motion picture. Assistant Best Boy or something. I’d love to work on the scenery or props for a sci-fi movie.
63. I’ve seen more sunrises because I’ve been up all night than I’ve seen from getting up early.
64. I blush easily and if someone points out I’m blushing I get out of control red.
65. I do not have a good poker face, but I’m learning to use that.
66. Toilet paper should roll over the top. I’ve changed the roll direction in other people’s homes.
67. I’m a compulsive overeater and addicted to sugar.
68. When I was little I had nightmares for months after seeing Dracula at some family gathering. My cousins were watching while the adults played pinochle and no one really noticed I was watching. I still remember the beginning where the carriage is driving up a deserted road up to the castle.
69. I used to have recurring nightmares about The Hamburglar stealing my Christmas presents left by Santa. This was the old scary one from the 70’s not the cheerful redesign from the 80’s. Robble, robble, robble.
70. I've been in my current job for 8.5 years.
71. I took two years of Spanish in high school. The college requirement for foreign language was only two years at that time. Since no one was going to continue to year three, we only finished half the book.
72. I like baseball caps, but don’t really look good in them.
73. I think I’m writing longer things than most people do, but I don’t care.
74. In Kindergarten I learned how to tie my shoes a few weeks before my best friend Mike did, but he learned how to ride his bike without training wheels a few weeks before I did. This seemed very important at the time.
75. I don’t drink coffee. Ever.
76. When I was young my parents tried a diet that involved coffee enemas. They weren’t coffee drinkers, so the coffee maker was set up in the bathroom. To this day coffee smells like shit to me.
77. Growing up, no one in my family closed bathroom doors.
78. I seem to spend a lot of time talking about poop and assorted bodily functions with certain friends. Sometimes I forget that other friends hate that kind of talk and inadvertently gross them out.
79. I am right handed.
80. I still have to think about which is right or left.
81. Despite living in my hometown for most of my life, only in the past year have I figured out which are the east and west sides of town. I am directionally challenged, but I’ve good at following maps.
82. I scrapbook. I’m more into the documentation than decoration. My pages are black with silver writing. I have started using stickers for embellishment.
83. I go out to lunch almost every day and I read unless I’m with a friend. I read at least a book a week on average.
84. I like plants and gardening, but have a brown thumb. I was unable to keep an ivy plant alive this spring. I think I over-watered it.
85. I’ve waited in line to buy the last two Harry Potter books at midnight. I will do it again for the seventh book.
86. Nothing makes me happier than creating something, the process is addictive and one idea spawns many more. It makes me giddy with delight.
87. Nothing makes me crazier than creating something. I am my own worst critic and suffer from terrible blocks which keep me from creating anything.
88. I am allergic to cats. I am extremely allergic to horses.
89. My only pet was Corny, a blue parakeet.
90. Guilty pleasures: Vin Diesel, Milli Vanilli, Dick Francis & Louis L’Amour books, rating movies on Netflix & Amazon, and playing poker on-line for money.
91. For Halloween 2004, I sewed a full-length, hooded, lined cape for my witch costume. I hadn’t sewn anything from a pattern for about 15 years before that. It turned out pretty good.
92. I learned Reiki in 2002 to help my mom. I’m attuned to the first level. I meant to go on to level two, but didn’t have much interest once my mom died.
93. I don’t recycle as much as I should. This causes me much guilt.
94. I have a high percentage of “Ah ha!” moments while showering. I theorize this is because I work on problems in my sleep and sort it out somewhere between the shampoo and conditioner.
95. I’ve been clinically depressed since sixth grade. Very little of the time since then have I been medicated for this condition.
96. One friend calls me her favorite crazy person. I’m the happiest depressed person she knows.
97. There are friends I have lost touch with through my own lack of effort. I’d love to get back in touch with them but am afraid I would neglect them as before. A few of these people are Ann Blair (married name Silvers?), Rebecca Fagan, Mike Milano, Norb (I don’t remember his last name, roommate of Mike), Nikki Stewart and Chantel Morden.
98. I believe I get dumber all the time. I know more stuff, but I’m not nearly as bright as I was as a child.
99. I only score 29.5858% on the Geek Test. I thought I would score higher.
100. I’ve had way more fun writing this list than I thought I would.

Edited 9/7/2005 - Edited to protect the innocent.